5 Best Motorcycle Exhaust Systems and Pipes

Tips For Choosing A Motorcycle Exhaust System

Motorcycle exhaust systems are a very important part of a motorbike as it helps regulate the combusted gas that leaves the engine of the bike. They basically process the gas before it is released into the atmosphere. The simple act of changing the exhaust can and does help in improving the performance of the engine and assists in the reduction of resistance. It does also enhance the airflow within the system. Further to all this, the change does also affords you an opportunity to customize your motorbike in a very unique and energy-efficient manner.

Here is a brief look at some motorcycle exhaust systems and pipes currently available in the market:

1) Product Name: Cobra Tri-Pro 2 into 1 Chrome Exhaust System for Yamaha XVS 1300 V-Star 1300

Product Details: This exhaust system does deliver increased performance gains. It is available in chrome with an aluminum V- tip-top that’s been chromed and packs the unique tri-oval muffler design that the Cobra brand is well known for, with a full-sized aluminum V- tip with a set of dual exhaust ports to boot. The round muffler front does morph seamlessly to the tri-oval shape that’s at the rear of the bike. The nicely chromed head shields are mounted to the head pipes through a very unique heat shield that covers the entire collector area. The pipes also come with oxygen sensor ports. It should be noted that the system does come with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

2) Product Name: Yoshimura Fiber TRS Street Bike Complete Exhaust System

Product Details: The Yoshimura TRS exhaust system does represent the latest in sportbike performance and design. It has been developed and tested with the multiple AMA Superbike champ Mladin Mat The shape of the Tri-Oval muffler does provide a very unique look and a powerful sound while still offering maximum cornering clearance. It also has an electro-polished header which gives that desired high luster finish. The duplex headers are tapered and have a stainless steel construction with both the high and standard mount systems being readily available. The muffler is available in satin finish titanium, polished stainless steel, or the glossy carbon fiber.

3) Product Name: National Cycle Peacemakers Exhaust for Honda VTX1300 R/S Metric cruisers 2003-2007

Product Details: one of the most innovative designs out there, placing exhaust volume control at the fingertips of the rider, it comes with an electric toggle that’s mounted on the handlebar and enables a rider to make on the fly transitions between quiet and loud modes. The new design does feature rotatable tips that are interchangeable: it does come with slash-cut tips even though the snub nose and turn down style tips can also be availed separately. The exhaust system is compatible with all the other accessories from National Cycle such as paladin highway bars and cruise liner saddlebags.

4) Product Name: Rush Shorty Series Full Straight Cut Exhaust System For Harley Davidson XL Sportster Motorbikes

Product Details: this exhaust system does feature three quarter wrap heat shields with the head pipes being coated with ceramic both externally and internally so as to cool the head pipe and enhance performance. It also packs a 1.50’ baffle, comes in black or chrome, and can either be straight or slash cut. This particular exhaust system is meant for either the Harley Davidson XL 883 and XL 1200 series manufactured between 2007 and 2011. It is also easy to install and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, can handle the rough terrain.

5) Product Name: Cobra Tri-Pro 2 into 1 Black Exhaust system for Harley Davidson Softail Models (2007-2011)

Product Details: without a doubt, this exhaust system was made for Softail; the engineers got everything spot on. From the styling cues to the overall performance; the balance has been quite superb, to say the least. The system is just loud enough to provide the highly sought after V-twin rumble; that unmistakably powerful throb, but it does this in a very subtle manner as its highway speed does not offend at all. The Tri-Pro 2 in one exhaust system does deliver increased gains in performance over the stock system; it does this with a bump up in the mid and low range. This black exhaust does implement the tri-oval muffler design.

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