Do you repair your bikes yourself? Find top 10 portable motorcycle lifts

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Most of us usually don’t take our two-wheelers to a garage for cleaningrepairingbasic tune up or easy repairs. Since bikes have DIY features and parts that are easy to use, it doesn’t require professional support repairing small issues. In such cases, the best motorcycle lifts become a significant aid for tuning and solving basic problems. So, if you’re looking for the best motorcycle lift, this article is for you.

You’ll need a good motorcycle lift jack to take care of the motorcycle, change fluids, replace tires or undertake some easy fixes. It not only saves a lot of time, but it also takes you away from the stress of sitting in an uncomfortable position when attempting to fix the problems. But buying a motorcycle lift doesn’t mean testing and choosing any random product for your internet research.

This needs a thorough understanding and knowledge because the best value must be invested. This article presents the lists of best motorcycle lifts and features you should take into account when making a pick.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Lifts 

Vivohome Steel Motorcycle Lift

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This VIVOHOME model is one of the best motorcycle lifts on the market. It comes with a heavy-duty solid alloy steel frame and a rugged paint job that repels dirt, scratches, and dust. The jack is also supported on each side of the base with a 3-inch-long wing design that helps to support and stabilize the jack. This jack is made with a high lifting capacity from 3.75 to 15.75 inches high. It is also supported by an impressive load-carrying capacity which can support about 1100 lbs of weight.


  • This motorcycle jacket fits most bikes comfortably and measures approximately 17.71 inches or 5.90 inches in its top platform, which represents a broad-face plate.
  • The jack quickly raises all types of bikes by simply spinning the supplied metal crank making it a perfect piece of equipment in garages, stores, or tracks.
  • This center scissor lift jack has a safety pin on each side and a wing design, making it a perfect companion for your repair work.

Vivohome Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

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It’s ergonomically lightweight, and functional. It’s a lightweight design that guarantees the handling of your motorcycle or ATV and makes it easier to run. Its simple lifting mechanism can hold up to 1500 lbs. It has incredible load-bearing capacity.

This motorcycle lift jack is made from high-quality materials that qualify it as one of the best motorcycle jacks. It is made of a sturdy steel frame and is composed of rubber lift pads that help eliminate any slippage. The jack will easily lift the vehicle without doing any permanent damage to it because of all these attractive features.


  • It also offers the flexibility of easy navigation, which means you can carry the jack anywhere on your journey. A handle and rotating casters make the jack easier to carry and easier to tow.
  • This jack can be used manually or automatically, in both cases. It can be operated manually through a foot pedal, or it can be attached to a compressed air line and operated using a pneumatic lift cylinder as well.

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Vivohome Steel Motorcycle Lift

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The motorcycle jack from VIVOHOME is made of solid steel alloy, high-duty, and is finished with a powder-colored red and black finish. As one of the best coats, Jack is also ergonomically designed to support and secure the Jack on either side of the base. It also boasts a flexible design, as it comes with 2-screw adapters that help in adjusting the variable height. That essentially means it can be used with varying ground clearances for any motorcycle.


  • It has a removable handle with a length of 12 cm (4,72 inches) which facilitates easier repairs options. It is fitted with a supplementary bolt for safety purposes.
  • It can be used by rotating a metal crank, which can easily be used to lift bikes and make it suitable for garages, shops or even tracks.

Orion Motor Tech Motorcycle Lift

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The three main aspects are: Reliability, Safety, and Efficiency of the Orion Motor Engineering Dilated Scissor Lift Jack. The product is also guaranteed for one year. It has a large rubber frame. The steel-made makes it dirt, grate and oil resistant.


  • You’ll be grateful for the rubber deck that makes it impossible to slip on the floor and thus prevent accidents. When shopping for the best motorcycle lift, always check the platform dimensions to see if you can accommodate it in the space that is at your disposal.
  • In addition to the versatility it offers, you might also want to know that the lifting range is a convenient one for multiple uses, making the entire unit easy to handle and operate.

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Extreme Max 5001 Motorcycle Lift

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The Extreme max 5001 lift’s usability is what makes it stable and quite attractive for those trying to use a solution for years to come. A wrench operates it which is sold separately. The lifting style has the greatest advantage of being fully manual. As a result, lifting still depends on the user and is quite user-friendly in many cases.


  • The Extreme Max 5001 Motorcycle Scissors Jack lift can bear max. load of 1100lbs. It is this high capacity that enables efficient lifting of even the heaviest motorcycles. The steel construction of the frame is also one of the most distinctive since it makes the lift very robust.
  • The lift is ideal for road bikes, motorcycles and cruisers, and, where appropriate, can move from a fixed design to a mobile one. The main strengths are its collapsed dimensions and its wide contact area, making it a top choice in its class.

Liftmaster 1100 LB Motorcycle Lift

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Liftmaster 1100 lb is one of the best motorcycle lift or tool in your workshop. Not only is this lift jack highly durable but it also offers maximum balance and stability. It’s a scissor jack, so it ensures longevity and power for you as well. Plus, it has an 1100 lb lifting capacity which is adequate to lift any motorcycle.


  • The jack works under a simple crank that proves it can be used with ease and efficiency. A safety pin houses SIX different locking positions to prevent unintended drops that occur frequently when loading and unloading the motorcycle.
  • The jack also comes with two screw adapters which assist in height adjustment. Amazing lifting range also lifts your motorcycles comfortably
  • One of the sturdiest motorcycle jacks on the market, this also comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty like all other products in this list.

Zeny Wide Deck Motorcycle Lift

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Finding the perfect motorbike lift jack can be relatively difficult. With hundreds of options available on the market, ZENY Wide Deck comes with unique features for successful competition. You will like solid construction, clear output, and superb control. It is designed to be compatible with all types of motorcycles and ATV. It has a flat bottom and a solid 1100 lbs scissor jack with a lift.


  • This lift jack suppresses even some sophisticated hydraulic systems with the simple operation of a crank.
  • Also, it has a paint finish offers protection against weather damage. So, you can use it everywhere, indoors or outdoors.

Durhand Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

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The motorcycle lift table provides protected height, as it has a wide top surface of the rubber. This is very user-friendly and can be perfect for maintenance and repair. It also helps you to store quickly and comes with a protective footprint lever. This product is highly reliable and comes with solid construction. It also helps you to have simple portability, as rubber tires are included. The machine also can hold weights up to 300 pounds, and it comes with rubber padding to stop slippage. It comes in a compact size which makes it easy to get to. It can be ideal for small bikes and is corrosion and rust-resistant.


  • A must-have for fans of cruisers, sports or dirt-bikes! The large rubber top surface raises the wheels off the ground to allow easy maintenance and repair access, as well as better storage.
  • The compact size and manageable weight ensure this lift can be transported and transferred whenever appropriate. This lift is easily moved on the 4 strong rubber wheels, 2 of which are lockable for added stability.
  • The solid high-quality steel frame creates a strong, stable platform to maintain or store your motorcycle. The opening of the platform provides access to your oil pot for home maintenance and oil modifications.

Dragway Wide Deck Motorcycle Lift

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One of those which comprises most of the desired features is the motorcycle lift jack coming from the Dragway brand. If you have a garage or store this motorcycle lift jack is worth every penny is a perfect product to splurge on. It’s designed to keep in mind that different models and bikes come in the garage. It is therefore designed in such a way that it adapts perfectly to every model.


  • This is another center scissor lift jack capable of lifting weights up to 1100 pounds, and the maximum lifting height is 13.25 inches.
  • It is made of high-quality steel and is coated to resist rust and corrosion.
  • A rubberized coating is placed on top of the jack to enhance grip and stability. It also prevents slippage and bruises.

Smartxchoices 1500 LB Motorcycle Lift

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Smartxchoices is the next incredible motorcycle lift jack in the row. And there were no concerns about the quality and durability of the company when we spoke about such equipment from this brand. The lift jack is no exception as it has all the features required by anyone working in the garage.


  • This product is perfect for every model with a weighing capacity of 1500 lbs. Besides this, the motorbike jack is approved by CE and ANSI.
  • It could be a perfect choice with certain additional accessories such as a hat, handle, and adapters.

Factors to consider before buying motorcycle lifts

Types of Motorcycle Lifts: You need to keep several useful factors in mind when searching for the best motorcycle lifts. The motorcycle lifts are of several types, below mentioned are some of the main categories of lifts.

1. Air Lifts

It raises the bike effortlessly in the direction or location you wish to take. Attached to it, it has foot-operated valve controls that operate an air cylinder that helps raise or lower the lifting platform as necessary. You can also lock the platform according to your convenience, in a particular position.

2. Hi-Lift

Hi-lift is a product that lifts the bike higher from the ground, as the name suggests. On the platform, the whole weight is well balanced. It comes with a specially designed safety lock to protect your bike from unwanted movement or theft. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s also easy to store this best motorcycle lift, all thanks to its compact size and nature.

3. Floor Jacks

Floor Jack is one of the best-known forms of lift. It is considered to be the strongest lift for motorcycles and is more or less identical to a low model, used to handle Harley-Davidson vehicles. These are easy to move from one position to another because these usually have wheels. Even in compact areas, the positioning process gets easier.

4. Mechanical Lifts

A mechanical lift is manually operated using a handle. The bike frame can be lowered or lifted using a variety of mechanisms.

5. Scissor Lifts

The name scissor lift refers to the design and construction of the product, which has a similar shape to the pair of scissors.

6. Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic lifts usually use both hydraulic fluid and compressed air for proper operation. While the compressed air helps to elevate the lift, the hydraulic fluid helps to easily move. The fluid is contained in the housing of the pump and has a personal tank. You’ll need proper housing maintenance as per your needs and usage. As the foot pedal handles the air pump, both of your hands will be free to help you maintain the stability and safety of the bike. In general, hydraulic lifts require little or no effort concerning proper operation and balance.

Max Weight Capacity

While looking for the best lift for motorcycles, consideration of the maximum weight lifting capacity is essential. It will help you understand how much weight it can bear. Once you start chasing for the best motorcycle lift table it would be prudent to have a thorough understanding of the weight of the bike. Choosing a product that can only handle 500 lbs if your bike is heavy, is not advisable. Many high-end lift models have a peak capacity of 1500 lbs.

Maximum Height

The map given along with the package will provide you with all the information you need about height and weight capabilities. It will help you to understand what height the motorcycle can lift the product. This will suggest a minimum and maximum range usually expressed in inches.


A big consideration is the floor where the bike sits. With a decent amount of stability, it must be powerful and stable, so that the bike can withstand modifications without any problems. If there is a constant possibility of the bike moving or tripping, performing the maintenance job for the bike will become almost impossible.

The bike’s stability largely depends on the use of hydraulic lifts. Opting for a product that is fitted with built-in safety locks is advisable. With such locks, it is possible to tie the bike in a specific position, refraining from accidental slips and damage. If it has wheels attached, then the quick travel and portability is an extra advantage.


Your budget and the price of the product should, of course, be brought together, so pricing is an important factor. Even if you’re on a tight budget, working on a huge motorcycle with a stand at your service is not advisable. Any kind of work must be carried out with only appropriate tools on the base of the wheel. Get aware of the maintenance needs of your bike first and then set the right budget.


The buying of the best motorcycle lift is a costly affair. Because it involves so much money, the product is expected to last longer. You must keep an eye on the design, construction, and materials used to produce the best product. Holding and design rely on the reliability of the lift.


Q. What Does The Lift Or Jack Do?

A: The lift offers the ability to lift any motorcycle effortlessly and faster than other means of lifting. It also gives the ability to store the motorcycle detail it, clean the rims and other places that are harder to reach or can be used to change the oil, all that can be done at eye level and without causing any back pain. The lift gives the ability to perform maintenance of the motorcycle at 7 different levels of height.

Q. How Much Clearance Do Lifts Need To Get Under Any Motorcycle?

A: The lift only needs 4 inches of space to get under the frame of the motorcycle. But to pick up the bike correctly the frame has to be on the lowest part of the bike. If the frame is not lower than 4 inches the best way is to stand their bikes up off of the kickstand and then push the Lift underneath so it can slide under and pick up the bike.

Q. How Much Space Does The Lift Take Up Parked Underneath The Bike?

A: It mostly depends on the different types of lifts because of the uniquely patented way each company Lift is made and works accordingly. Depending on how high or low the front bumper is off the motorcycle. The most space the Lift takes is around 20 inches.

Q. What Is The Warranty On Lifts?

A: Different lifts come with a different warranty. Some come around a 5-year warranty on the Lifts metal and it mostly depends on the metal that is being used to make lifts. Maximum of a one-year warranty is provided from the company on the air hydraulic jack and all the parts.

Final thoughts:

For many bikes, motorcycle lifts are not brand specific, nor are they exclusive to models. So you can usually use the same jack for different brands and models of motorcycles. With Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley, Honda, and BMW, a successful motorbike jack fits without having to look for another motorbike jack! You can also use the same jack without worrying about it, for your normal and sports bike. Above mentioned are the best motorcycle lifts and are without a doubt an excellent deal for motorcycle owners. Some are flexible to suit any bike in your garage like quad bands and ATVs, with the ability to lift heavy weights.

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