Motorcycle Chain Cleaning Tips

They say learning is a continuous process, and so learning how to clean and maintain your motorcycle chain should be a continuous process too. It’s not a difficult task to clean motorcycle chains, but the fear is; you can always find yourself committing a few mistakes if you don’t know what you are doing. So in this article, you’ll learn useful motorcycle chain cleaning tips, plus how to manage them well.

Chain maintenance

Don’t jump into cleaning or managing a motorcycle’s chain when you don’t know the type of chain your motorcycle is running on. Here are the two types of chains you should be familiar with; Non-sealed and O-Ring chains.

non-sealed chains

It’s the simplest yet the most difficult to maintain. You see, it has no way of keeping itself lubricated as the O-ring does. So if your bike is equipped with this type of chain, it’s important to keep an eye on it as often to avoid wear and tear.

Then, why should you have this type of chain if maintaining it is a demanding job?
Of course, there are a few benefits of having this type of chain on a motorcycle, and it depends on the kind of riding you do. If you are a racer, you’ll notice that this chain doesn’t have as much friction as their sealed counterparts. Then many older bike models are not compatible with O-ring chains. Even though there’s a temptation of switching over to the less demanding types of chains, your older motorcycle may be better off with a non-sealed option.

Top 6 Best Motorcycle Chain Cleaner | Best And Easy Way To Clean

1. Finish Line Bicycle Chain Cleaner Kit

The Finish Line Pro Shop Kit comes with everything need to get your chain sparkling clean, lubed up, and ready to ride, including the company’s EcoTech Degreaser concentrate that is powerful enough to cut through the toughest grime.


  • This Heavy-duty bicycle chain cleaner with EcoTech Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate and chain lube.
  •  A large magnet has been added to attract and hold magnetized wear particles and is located at the bottom of the chain cleaner.
  • Cleaner clips directly to the chain–no need to remove the chain from the bicycle.
  • The three-brush rotating design and scrubber pads clean the chain quickly–usually in less than a minute.
  • It is very easy to clean your chain without removing it in just one minute.

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2. Muc Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

The all-purpose Muc-Off NanoTech isn’t just great for maintaining your chain, but for making any mechanical item like new again. This ergonomic design boasts a heavy-duty construction and can clean your chain in seconds.


  • It can easily remove grease, grime, and chain oil in seconds.
  • Deepest clean thanks to 120 contact points, Easy to clean and re-use.
  • This cleaning kit includes a 75ml Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner.
  • This is Perfect for Road, MTB, or Cyclocross bicycle chains.

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3. Park Tool Cyclone Chain Scrubber

Park Tool CG-2.3 Chain Gang Kit is a staple in garages all over and for good reason. It is biodegradable, yet cuts through all types of crud, and it comes with tools to clean deep between cassette cogs without having to remove them.


  • Magnet at bottom of solvent draws particles scrubbed from chain effectively keeping them from being redistributed on the chain during cleaning.
  • Durable sponge material draws solvent from the chain as it exits the Cyclone reducing drips and mess.
  • Works with all multi-speed bikes and some single-speed models.
  • It Holds 2 fluid ounces of solvent.
  • CM-5.2 features stronger locking clips and a more ergonomic handle.

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4. DuPont Motorcycle Degreaser

This cleaner specifically formulated to safely remove the Grease seal chain from the motorcycle. This cleaner is ideal for motorcycle dirt bike chains like off-road. Simply spray it to the chain sprocket and wait for 10 or 15 seconds and wipe off.


  • This Degrease liquid is very Strong & fast-acting and safe for all sealed / O-ring chains.
  • This degreaser is made with biodegradable ingredients including soy extracted esters.
  • It doesn’t require any water rinsing, just spray, wipe, re-lubricate, and ride.
  • This is Safe for all x-ring, z-ring, O-ring chains.
  • It efficiently works and quickly cleans grease, dirt, wax & grime off chains & sprockets.

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5. Tirox Motorcycle Chain Cleaner

Chain cleaner is formulated to remove heavy deposits efficiently from chains. The fastest, most effective, and systematic method to clean your chain nicely.


  • It Quickly loosens grit and old chain lube from chains, wheels, and frames.
  • This cleaner is a highly effective patented 360degree brush included.
  • It is Safe on all chains/bodywork and also it Contains kerosene.
  • Easy to use, Lightweight and Long support.

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6. Ozzy Gear Bike Chain Cleaning Tool

It features a stylish design with an easily operated modification that will leave you fully contented. It has a multiple brush setting that makes it convenient and reliable, having been made of high quality and durable material.


  • The Ozzy Outdoors Chain Cleaner utilizes a single clamp in the middle of the device to lock the product together when cleaning.
  • It will work for all types of motorcycles. Freewheel designs, simply attach the cleaner to the chain and use the pedal to turn the chain.
  • Cleaner clips directly to the chain-no need to remove the chain from the bicycle-cleans quickly and easily in just one minute.
  • Made from heavy-duty plastic to ensure a lifetime of superior performance.
  • This bike chain cleaner backed up by a lifetime warranty.

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O-ring chains

They are less needy because they have o-rings in between the link plates and rollers to keep the entire system lubricated. Even though they require little attention, the grease will eventually burn out to leave them dry, to the point of falling off. And the best way to keep them greased is by using an o-ring safe lubricant.

A few variations of the O-ring includes the X-ring chain, which is represented by an X cross-section along the entire length of the chain. X-ring chains tend to have less friction and also last longer than O-rings.

So before greasing, check for any build-up that should be cleaned before the lubricant is applied. Just in case your chain needs bathing, put your motorcycle on top of a stand so that the rare wheel is lifted off the ground. Start rotating the rear wheel for inspection. Should you notice that the chain is at maximum adjustment, has some rust/kinks and is worn down, then you might want a replacement.

However, if it only needs to be freshened up, you should use a brush and mild soap to get rid of excessive grease build-up or dirt. You can use a wire brush on a non-sealed chain though. On the other side, be sure to use a softer brush on ring chains. Then wipe the grease and dirt with a clean cloth. Use a proper water displacement chain lube once you are done with the cleaning.

Lubricating the chain

With a little precision, you’ll want to get the lube inside the pins and rollers for maximum effect. With the bike lifted on the same position, apply the lube on the chain while spinning the rear wheel, thus letting the chain climb on the sprockets.

After you apply lube on the entire length of the chain, wipe off excessive lube because excess can build-up dirt so first. Remember to spin the rear wheel quite often to make sure that the lube can find its way into the chain system. Keep in mind that the standard for checking your chain is 300 miles.

Buying sprockets

Sprockets should be the same size as your chain. For instance, a 530 chain will go with 530 sprockets and so forth. But there are times when you might want to chain the size of the sprockets altogether; you’ll feel a change in the performance and driveability by switching to a different size.

Wrap up everything and ride
Make sure you check if everything is installed properly. Your chain slack should be within specs, the rear axle should be tightened up and the sprockets should be installed securely. Wipe any parts with excessive grease to eliminate grease sling.

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips