Motorcycle Emergency Roadside Assistance Providers

6 Motorcycle Emergency Roadside Assistance Providers

Right from the city or the suburbs to the middle of nowhere, your motorcycle can encounter a glitch anywhere, any time. Because it’s a machine, there’s no way of telling when it will break down. However, getting prepared for the unforeseen occurrences will get you the kind of emergency help you need most. So, if you own a bike, a trike, a scooter, or a simple motorcycle, this is information you need to read and act as quickly as possible.

If you don’t have a motorcycle emergency roadside assistance plan, or you are not satisfied with the one you’re currently paying for, then this article will help you get the right one. We’re highlighting 6 companies that offer roadside assistance to motorbikes of all types. Everything you need to know is covered in this piece of information. Here we go:

1) Motorcycle Towing Services

As a member of this company with a solid reputation, your bike, scooter, trike, or any other motorized bike will be covered. Are you running out of gas, or battery dying on you? You will be assisted. What you do is to pay for the gas and battery and it will be delivered to you even in the middle of nowhere.

If it’s a mechanical breakdown, the company ensures that you and your bike are picked and taken to the nearest repair facility. Towing services will be covered based on the plan you purchased with this company. Lastly, you are given the option of purchasing an emergency service plan (ESP) if you are always 100 miles away from where you live. If you need an emergency service because of a battery failure, fuel shortage, or any other reason, these costs are covered by the plan.

2) Progressive

Coverage involves towing to the nearest repair facility as well as the necessary labor needed at the place of breakdown. They cover flat tires, dead battery, lock-out or stolen keys, insufficient fuel supply, entrapment in snow, sand, or water. This coverage is also applicable to trailers being towed by a motorcycle.

3) Best Roadside Services

They offer the very best in motorcycle roadside assistance. They have individual and vehicle plan which take care of any street-legal motorcycle or even scooter as well. They offer an emergency toll-free number, which is active 24/7. They offer 24-hour battery jump-start assistance, all-round-the-clock flat tire assistance, fuel delivery, lost the key, personal assistance, concierge services among others.


They cover all motorcycle problems, whether mechanical or operational. However, services also depend on the plan you’ve bought. But generally, expect to find towing, flat repair, locksmithing, minor repair, dead battery, or fuel/oil/water delivery covered. They offer the best rates for the broadest protection ever. Furthermore, they offer the widest coverage. Hikes in premiums tend to be very limited with this company. Unfortunately, they don’t have an open phone number on their site, but you can always use the contact box to send them a message.

5) Dairyland Auto Cycle

Just like the above companies, they offer similar services at a reasonable rate. You should expect towing service, battery replacement, fuel/oil delivery, lock-out, flat-tire, and many other emergency services related to your motorcycle.

6) Safe Ride Motor Club

With this company, expect to get a wide range of exclusive benefits, including rental cars, customized trip routing, and amusement park discounts all over the United States. With Safe Ride Motor Club, you’ll experience the confidence you need while riding on the road. As a member, you’ll be covered by a reliable national service network affiliated with the company. Other basic motorcycle roadside assistance services are also offered.

These are reliable companies that ensure your ride is safe and stress-free. Of course, you’ll need to compare the rates and services offered before signing a contract with anyone of them. That way, you’ll most certainly land the best deal.

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