Motorcycle Extended Warranty From These Companies

When you’re riding a motorcycle, you need the right warranty coverage to give you the peace of mind you’ve always wanted on the road. Coverage may range from a third party, comprehensive, to all the bells and whistles found in fancy bike warranties. It’s wise when you have the right cover protecting you and your bike. Also, you need to be diligent when shopping around for the best coverage at affordable rates.

So, where do you start? Of course, you need a company that offers the best motorcycle warranty to cover any problem your bike may face. This means that your motorcycle will be repaired even if you don’t have ready cash with you on the spot.

Here are 6 motorcycle extended warranty companies you should consider:

1) Exchange New Car Sales

If you own a Harley Davidson motorcycle, you can enjoy the protection that covers you and your motorcycle’s components. Under their plan, they cover towing, rental, trip interruption, lodging, and meals – just in case you’re stranded far from home.

Tire and wheel plan covers any damage your wheels or tires may have encountered while on the road.

They also address problems with the engine, transmission, fuel, suspension, etc. If your bike is still new, you’ll be provided with the extended service plan and the optional tire and wheel coverage. Both of them start their effectiveness on the same day as your factory warranty. There are no costs charged on any part previously repaired or replaced under your pan.

2) Extended Power Sports

With their comprehensive extended warranty service, you are comprehensively covered against mechanical and electrical damages. This company meets the cost of tire-wheel repairs and average repair costs. They also give out warranty benefits to members. They offer zero deductible on new bikes and only $50 on used.

3) Bros Club

This company has been there for years, diligently serving motorcycle owners in the USA. Bros Club has a trip-mapping service, and they also sell motorcycle insurance to bike owners.

They monitor every claim to make sure they provide the highest standards of service in the industry. They have emergency roadside assistance, discounted insurance, and vacation finder services.

4) Route 66 Motorcycle Extended Warranty

They provide the most comprehensive warranty on all makes and models of motorcycles. Regardless of where you ride in the United States, you will be protected against major financial losses caused by mechanical expenses, plus they don’t charge deductibles on parts or labor. They also take care of vehicles too.

5) Brisbane Motorcycles

They offer the most flexible extended warranties for a motorcycle you’ll ever find. Their programs are also designed with customer service in mind. There are no third-parties involved at any stage of the warranty program they provide. So just in case, your motorcycle is broken, they will fix it without any question.

They offer warranties in 1, 2, or 3 years extension options. This means that you can take a 3-year extension on your bike with a two-year factory warranty to get you a total of 5-year of peace of mind.

And just in case you sell your bike during the warranty period, the warranty transfers to the new owner. Similarly, if you purchase a bike that’s covered by Brisbane’s warranty, the warranty becomes yours.

6) Simply Street Bikes

They sell motorcycles with clean titles. This means that you will get a 24-point inspection performed on the bike by a certified technician. Every motorcycle gets a free oil change, plus they charge an extra $169 on every bike they sell. This cost covers everything that the bike may need.

Extended motorcycle warranty sold under Simply Street Bikes covers all mechanical, electrical, or other damages that your motorcycle may encounter on the road. So if you need more information on what their warranties cover.

Extended warranties for motorcycle will cover expenses you incur on your motorcycle after the factory warranty has expired. If you shop wisely, you can save hundreds of dollars with these warranties.

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