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List of Affordable Motorcycle Gas Tanks You Should Look Into If You Own A Motorcycle

Motorcycle gas tanks make up a bigger portion of the bike’s framework, so other than carrying the gas to propel the bike, it adds on to the look and feel of the bike itself. They are built in a variety of styles to suit every biker’s taste and preferences. The most popular gas tanks are known as chopper or stretch tanks. These are longer, so they tend to flow better with the bike’s line.

There are many reasons why you may want a gas tank replacement for your motorcycle. Maybe you want to switch to a bigger size tank that will accommodate more fuel for longer journeys, or you simply want to spruce up the looks of your bike. Either way, you will get a tank that addresses all your needs.

Below is a list of 5 motorcycle gas tanks you can try using on your bike. We’ve stated prices and links to help you find the exact tank that fits your needs.

1) Chopper Styled Axed 4.2 Gallon Gas Tank 

Chopper styled gas tanks are some of the most popular motorbike gas tanks we see around. This particular product has a right side petcock opening. You can paint it as desired, although you can’t sand the joints or seams. Top length is 20-3/4 inches, the bottom is 19 inches, rear and front widths are 6-3/4 and 14-1/4 inches respectively. Mounting straps can be ordered separately because they don’t come with the unit. This chopper-style tank costs $107 only.

2) Motorcycle Bobbed 3.2 Gallon Gas Tank 

This motorcycle gas tank has a fuel capacity of up to 3.2 gallons, plus it accepts a left side petcock. It’s built to take the form of an axle styled tank with a single center bung, also mounted on rubber. Mount kit is also included with the unit at only $117. The top length is 18.5 inches, the rear is 7 inches, width, and the rear height is 13 inches and 3.2 inches respectively. It’s a product of Harley Davidson.

3) Bikers’ Choice Fat Bob Gas Tank (accommodates up to 5 gallons) 

This tank is easy to get started with as it offers a one-piece tank assembly experience. It bolts directly onto the mount and also comes with a speedometer cable. The gas cap is screw-in type, though the cap is not included. This gas tank fits a wide variety of Harvey Davidson applications. So you’re most likely going to get a Fat Bob gas tank that fits where you want it. The price is relatively high, at $140. Finally, it was rated 5 stars by two bikers on Amazon, so it must be very good at serving its purpose. It’s worth what you are paying for it.

4) The P-nut Gas Tank (chopper/bobber motorcycle) 

This is a 2-gallon fuel capacity tank that you can custom-install, thanks to the included DIY mounting tabs. It also includes 1/4 inch petcock bungs. The product can stand most riding conditions as it’s made of heavy-gauge 1mm steel and is also pressure-tested to meet industry standards. It is sold with both welded or unwelded mounting tabs. This Lowbrow custom model only weighs 6.5 pounds. You can purchase it with your Amazon store card at $149 without paying interest for the next 6 months.

5) BKrider 3.1 Gallon King gas for Harley Davidson 1979-81 

Among the most affordable gas tanks for motorcycles is Bkrider 3.1 gallon for Harley Davidson. Retailing at only $89, you get a classic design with 2 mounting points. The tank is so versatile that it adapts easily to all types of Harley Davidson frames. However, the unit is sold as it is, so you need to purchase the extra hardware separately. You’re going to purchase bolts, screws, washers, and even metal brackets. That should bring the cost to slightly over $100.

This model uses a blade type gas cap as opposed to a screw-in type. Also, when you order it, the raw metal tank comes slightly oiled to prevent the chances of rusting. It might come with a few flaws like minor scratches, grinder marks, or welded marks, but the final shape is just true to the design.

With such a wide range of options and prices, it’s easy to get confused in the process of identifying the right type of motorcycle gas tank. However, once born a biker, you will always be a true biker, so you’ll know what you want. Here are the links to each one of the products listed above.

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