Motorcycle HandleBar Options

How To Choose The Right Handlebars For Your Motorcycle

The style of handlebar installed on your motorcycle contributes a lot to the overall look and comfort on your bike. It is very important for bike owners to choose the right handlebar when customizing their bikes. This is because the handlebars determine how you will handle your bike and whether your ride will be comfortable. It is important to look at the different motorcycle handlebar options in the market to know their differences and choose one that will customize your bike fully.

1) Clubman motorcycle handlebars

Clubman handlebars are usually seen on café racers. They have been in the market for a very long period of time and they project a vintage or old school look when installed on your bike. The bars are slant around the grips towards the rider and attached at the top of the triple tree. The style of the handlebar positions the hand of the rider close and close to their body for a comfortable ride.

Product Example

Clubman Bars 1″ Handlebars Honda Yamaha Kawasaki Suzuki Harley Davidson Triumph Custom Bobber Cafe Racer: ($9.66 plus $14.14 for shipping)

The bars are shipped and sold by Buy 4 Easy. They are unpainted and fit Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Honda. Some of its features include a knurl of 2 inches bar diameter and I inch center width, measurements of 28 inches width tip to tip, and pull back of 6.5 inches. It is brand new, unfinished or unpainted and ready for custom paint.

2) Clip-on handlebars

They work very well on different types and styles of bikes. They are different from other handlebars since they are not connected by a bar to the bike. Each handlebar clips directly on the fork tube to give a sport’s bike grip. It is advisable to opt for clip-in handlebars when customizing your bike since they are adjustable and ensures a comfortable ride.

Product Example

Zipp VukaSprint V2 Handlebars: ($ 201.09)

It is dispatched and sold by Amazon with free delivery. It is 40 cm center-to-center and black in color. It is made of carbon, with UCI compliant, a short –shallow end, and 3.18 cm clamp diameter. It adopts advanced airfoil on the top section to be an angle and be more aerodynamic like other handlebars set up. It has a sculpted top section and internal cable routing for comfort.

3) Drag handlebars

They are very popular handlebars for choppers. They have bars that extend slightly and connect with the triple tree to rearward the rider. They provide a lower and narrower grip which is very admirable by riders looking for an aggressive and aerodynamic riding position. Some bars may have a typical slight which is caused by a vertical drop.

Product Example

Drag Specialties Wide Ape Hanger Handlebars – 7/8″/Chrome: ($85.95)

It is shipped and sold by Motorcycle Superstore. It features a smooth chrome finish with a seamless steel tuning. The bars are 1 inch in diameter, dimpled, unknurled, and smooth. The bars are 78 inches long with 12 inches end rise, 9-12 inches center width, 12-14 inches pullback, and 32 inches width.

4) Ape hangers handlebars

They extend over the normal bike level placing the arms in a wider and higher position than with other handlebars. Riders can extend choose either mini-ape hangers or fully ape hangers. The mini model has a lower height to the bars and some states have laws that regulate their height.

Product Example

16″ High Ape Hanger Motorcycle Handlebars – 7/8″ (22mm) Diameter, Chrome Finish: ($73.10)

It is sold and dispatched from Customized Choppers. It is EC approved with a 90 cm with and center bar section of 25 cm. It has a 41 cm end rise, 19 cm pull back, and 22 mm diameter. It has a distinctive look with a chrome finish.

5) Standard cruiser handlebars

They extend towards the rider. They come in various options that are mainly stocked by a Japanese manufacturer. They are designed with rider’s comfort as the top priority. They can be adjusted to the most comfortable height of the rider using riser kits.

Product Example

Fito Standard Handlebar – Chrome, for Most Beach Cruiser Bicycles: ($16.99 plus $9.99 for shipping)

It is sold and shipped by Bike Buyers. Bike Buyers have a Will Call Center which is located in Los Angeles. It has a step size of 1 inch and ideal for 24 inches by 26 inches beach cruiser bikes. It has a high-quality chrome plated with a steel grip.

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