Motorcycle Helmet Choices

How To Choose And Fit A Motorcycle Helmet

The importance of a helmet to the safety of a rider cannot be gainsaid. Anyone who rides two wheels will acknowledge that the level of injuries sustained from even a mild fall can be life-threatening, to say the least. It is therefore important to take several key factors into consideration when out there shopping for a safe, durable and sturdy helmet.

First and foremost, it is important for a rider to fully appreciate the motorcycle helmet choices available for him or her. There are several types of helmets currently in the market, these include helmets such as the open face helmets which are quite classic but still not as safe since they don’t provide enough protection, the half helmets which are known to offer the least form of protection, the flip ups which are a good compromise of protection and function or even the full face motorcycle helmet which is more apt for that rider who prefers riding a fast bike such as a supersport bike.

It is also important to get a helmet that fits, it is imperative for the rider to get a helmet that is both comfortable and well fitting. To get the right size usually means getting to consider the shape of your head as well as its size. There are basically three main categories of head shapes, these include, intermediate oval, round oval, and long oval. Because of their hinge mechanism, flip face or modular helmets are usually round ovals. The most common head shape though is the intermediate oval category. Going for a wrong helmet shape does cause pressure points on the forehead if the helmet is too round or on the sides of the riders head if the helmet is too oval.

You can get the size of your head by measuring your head from above the eyebrows using a cloth tape measure. The circumference you get, usually listed in inches can then be cross-referenced with the available helmet chart sizes. A helmet that’s the wrong size will either be too tight or too loose whereas a helmet that’s of the correct size will move slightly but will pull the skin on the face and scalp with it, this does prevent large movements or rotation.

The type of riding you do will also dictate the type of helmet you will buy. If you are a touring rider who is keen on long distance riding it is important to get a helmet that provides enough ventilation since such riders do ride while in an upright position, such helmets should have vents on top of the head so as to allow free flow of air all around the head. If you are a sports bike rider, then the aggressive full tuck riding position adopted will demand that you get a helmet that vents best when you are in that position, the aerodynamics of the helmet also plays a very important role for such helmets.

If you are an all year round rider, you should opt for helmets that provide adjustable features such as a drop down sun visor, an easy change face shield or a photochromatic shield. You will also be concerned with how the helmet of choice will handle the changing weather conditions, you need to have a fog resistant face shield or install what’s called a Pin lock system to help you out. If you are just a casual weekend rider your main concern may be the ventilation and the graphics. Off-road riding, on the other hand, may demand dual sports helmets which offer the option of a face shield or use of goggles.

Generally speaking, the more time you plan to spend on your bike, the more money you should be ready to spend and the more comfortable your helmet should be. Irrespective of your riding habits though, you need to ensure that your helmet has comfortable cheek pads a removable and washable liner and lighting solutions that are easy to adjust and work with.

Here is a list of some of the popular motorcycle helmets currently available in the market. This includes but is not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: AVG Miglia II Modular Helmet

Price: $ 179.95

2) Product Name: Vega Summit 3 Bluetooth Ready Modular Helmet

Price: $ 99.95

3) Product Name: HJC IS-Max BT Ready Modular Helmet

Price: $ 193.49

4) Product Name: ONeal Commander Bluetooth Helmet

Price: $ 269.99

5) Product Name: Scorpion EXO- C110 Solid Hypersilver Half Helmet

Price: $ 119.95

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